"Our clients want 100% performance - we achieve this with 100% quality."

For us, developing quality means constant dedication to our materials. We work with meticulous care to ensure that only the approved quality required by the object's use is created for our clients.

BOSIG stands for certified quality and active service. We offer you more than simple products - we offer solutions.

The BOSIG management team is based on a 360º degree system.


Quality policy


  • 1. Quality management
  • 2. Environmental management
  • 3. Work safety management



3 systems for top performance:




Quality management in accordance with 9001:2008


The requirements and necessities of our clients form the core of our commitment.

Our ultimate goal is impressing our clients.

We achieve this through the following criteria, which are closely coordinated to create optimal quality:

Product quality

For us, product quality means:

the same high standards in terms of consistency, form and dimensions in accordance with the defined specifications.

We achieve product quality through:

  • specification of consistency, form and dimensions
  • expert production processes
  • close monitoring of products and suppliers

Supply quality

For us, supply quality means:

prompt delivery of the requested product quantity in the conditions agreed upon.

We achieve supply quality through:

  • client agreement quality
  • process quality - efficiency and effectiveness


For us, cost-effectiveness means:

good products and services at a reasonable, market-friendly price.

We achieve cost-effectiveness through:

  • process quality - efficiency and effectiveness
  • the constant enhancement of our performance through continuous improvement processes (CIP)

Service quality

For us, service quality means:

competent advice, support, flexibility, friendliness and willingness to help.

We achieve service quality through:

  • qualified staff members
  • customer orientation


For us, innovation means:

finding solutions for our clients.

We achieve innovation through:

  • curiosity, open-mindedness and courage to discover new solutions
  • systematic innovation management

quality target and QM system planning

Quality objectives

Quality targets are derived from our quality policy and are quantified, measured and monitored as closely as possible.

Amongst other things, parameters and targets are established for:

  • customer satisfaction
  • product quality
  • process quality
  • company results
    (see also annual slogan 2003: "Values create Quality")

QM system

QM system planning for the implementation of quality targets and the quality policy is achieved through the establishment and description of the QM handbook, in addition to other relevant processes and procedure guidelines. By describing and implementing a target-orientated, appropriate quality management system, we ensure that the processes, tasks, responsibilities, authorisations and resources required to fulfil our quality policy are entirely transparent and comprehensible.
By overseeing our QM system, we ensure highly effective quality management. The quality system represented in the QM handbook is based on the stipulations of DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. and the presentational model DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.



Environmental management in accordance with DIN ISO 14001


Compliance with applicable legal requirements
We are committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements.

Public information
We want to create trust amongst the general public and our clients through objective, factual information. Companies which work on our premises are informed of our environmental policy and included in our activities.

The best technology available - providing it is financially justifiable
Within the framework of viability and financial success, our company is committed to upholding the environmentally-friendly production of our products through the use of suitable, innovative technologies.

Staff training
Environmental awareness at all staff levels should be promoted through suitable training measures.

Continuous improvement of environmental protection
We are dedicated to achieving constant improvements in environmental protection within our company.

Preventative measures and environmental repercussions
We take the necessary measures to prevent uncontrolled emissions, whilst committing ourselves to providing the general public and our clients with competent and comprehensive information on the environmental repercussions of our activities.

We are dedicated to the targeted, sparing use of energy. Through a series of technical and organisational measures, we also minimise the amount of residues, waste, environmentally harmful emissions and waste water.

For our company, sustaining our natural environment and the basic conditions of existence for future generations is of upmost importance. As a result of this, the responsibility for environmental protection within our company is assumed directly by the company directorate.


Work safety management in accordance with OHSAS 18001: 2007


The BOSIG GmbH work safety policy
In order to ensure safety in the workplace, suitable resources are made available, and responsibilities for their consistent implementation in the workplace are organised and documented.

Compliance with applicable legal requirements
We are committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements.

Continuous improvement of work safety
We are dedicated to achieving constant improvements in work safety within our company. This involves the consistent improvement of system and work safety and health protection, in addition to the prevention of possible risks.

Staff training and responsibility
Every single employee of our company assumes responsibility for occupational safety and health protection in the workplace, as well as their constant improvement. Through further training courses, we raise and promote awareness amongst our staff members and enhance their ability to implement our basic principles.